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At Zephyr Coffee Co, we have created a range of coffee experiences based on the way people like to enjoy their morning cuppa. Espresso, Iced, Mocha, Filter, not matter what you prefer we have a roast tailored for your style. Also offering a full range of loose leaf teas, plus chai lattes & hot chocolates from leading australian owner supplies.    



Zephyr Coffee Co has two signature coffee blends on offer, Sirocco & Jet Stream - White & Black. Focusing on the style of coffee we have a full body, nutty & chocolate flavoured 'Sirocco' Blend, great for Flat Whites, Lattes and all coffee on Milk, be able to hold up to the creamy sweetness that a milk based coffee offers. Then for the people that like a clean, smooth, fruity flavour Espresso or Long Black we have 'Jet Stream'.



Not only do we have great coffee, we have sourced some of the best pure Chocolate and Chai powder to be able to offer a product that could almost be better that our coffee. Naked Syrups have refined their offering to supply amazing powders as well as coffee syrups. 



If you're ready to start exploring your coffee palette then we have the set up for you. With the ability to create customs roasts for each individual customers, wether it's for plunger, V60, home espresso or stove top, you can mix and match different green beans and roast profiles. Come in a see what you can create?